Using Managed Services to Expand Your Business

Getting a good idea isn’t a tough thing to do. It’s really not. Maybe you haven’t happened across your greatest idea yet, but anything can be a good idea, from putting an auction online to making your bank account accessible online to figuring out a way to connect to your friends, isn’t the hard part. The hard part of creating an online business, much like a traditional brick and mortar storefront business, is strengthening, maintaining, and ultimately expanding your business using managed services to become the most effective and profitable.

Once you find your idea, which will come to define your business but not the parameters of your success, the next step is to build the essential blocks that will serve as the foundation for a long lasting business. Online businesses require a different business model than storefronts, mostly because you need to increase online traffic (as opposed to foot traffic) and to do that, you need to increase your visibility online. You can do that in any number of ways, by advertising or studiously increasing your search terms and your keywords. You can have promotions and coupons and whatever else, but at the end of the day, if you aren’t getting the traffic you need, you don’t have a forum to say or promote what you want to get across.

But this information isn’t for people who need to  Cyber Security improve their traffic. Once you have the traffic you need, the difficulty is strengthening your business from there to ensure its longevity and profit margin. One of the most difficult things for business owners, especially online business owners where most likely you started your business in your spare time from your living room, is to relinquish minute control and trust other people to help in your business. The first step of expansion is hiring an assistant, then employees, and then gradually creating a larger infrastructure to support your burgeoning business.

The thing people typically overlook, however, is how quickly your single computer, or even several computers, won’t be able to support your needs as well as managed services can. A managed services provider will take over hosting support for your website and intranet, including back up services, proactive monitoring of your site and technology, and state of the art security, all of which means that you essentially have your own out of office IT professional. It allows you to have expert management on your site so you can be a better business owner. Too many website owners resist bringing in professional hosting options and IT professionals because they think that they can do it themselves, but the fact of the matter is that unless you’re trained, you won’t be able to take care of your updates, back up, technological advances and security in addition to your business with the same dedication and diligence that a managed services provider can offer. In addition, by using one competitive managed services provider, instead of hiring an IT professional and hosting company, your company saves money and improves the bottom line instantly in addition to over the long term as your website is optimized for traffic

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